Foothills BMX (2013-2014)

10176179_644766385601967_7537739997943751859_n 969827_468679003210707_385723999_n 264434_462703173808290_1103672224_n

1610098_644766378935301_8976617623998167542_n 10171907_647050525373553_6989103996595312497_n 10270710_644766268935312_2170220051215907778_n

10325353_647049945373611_7858543878367095806_n 205490_462703070474967_439608238_n 1467481_545658098846130_384796009_n

Self-Portrait Photo Shoots (2012-2015)

270522_377736958971579_538484817_n 484663_442079802537294_1510135005_n 1656279_600321076713165_479848722_n

1601523_600321053379834_247382468_n  560827_377737118971563_1299941755_n  1016767_600321030046503_96035314_n

IMG_2015 tag2 IMG_1728 tag IMG_1747 tag

IMG_2171 tag IMG_1839 bw tag IMG_2193 tag


More Photos Coming Soon!

2 comments on “Photography
  1. Melissa Hutson says:

    I love the chain link look for you!! Adorable!

    Liked by 1 person

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