Natural Chance Productions was officially founded in November of 2010 after finally choosing a name for the company. I started out making videos with my best friend Victoria, in which we concentrated on short, dorky skits and music videos. I came up with the idea of Natural Chance Productions when I began filming sports videos for my friends.

The original intent of Natural Chance Productions was to expand to filming music videos for local bands, short films, and other events such as weddings, but nothing of that sort has happened in the last four years. Though none of those categories are out of the question; so as of now I have been concentrating on expanding my experience in filming/producing sports videos. Natural Chance also has a Photography branch, specializing in nature, lifestyle and portrait photography.

About Tabby

IMG_2222 copy

So let me tell you about myself; the girl behind the camera.

My name is Tabby and I am a 2015 college graduate; particularly one who loves to read, write, take pictures and make videos. I majored in Communication for the reason that it was the closest major to video production at my alma mater.  I also minored in Psychology, but don’t worry, I’m not analyzing you right now.

I am a lover of Apple products, a proud Ravenclaw and aside from producing videos and photography I enjoy writing.  I have written a lot of fictional short stories in the past, but lately I’m been concentrating on writing for my personal blog – orangeowldiaries.


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