Merry Christmas Eve! [Football Video]

I wasn’t going to release this video until tomorrow, but I really can’t wait to release this one.  The idea for this video has been sitting up on my bulletin board since September and it’s been an idea that only my mom knew about.

I feel kind of bad singling out one football player to get a video Christmas present, but he’s the only one this video would work for.  I’ve known him his entire life and he’s probably the cousin I was closest to during high school despite our age difference.   No matter how tall this kid gets, or how old we are, he’s still my little Fuzzball.

I give you… Matt Gulyas – Through the Years.

The fun of watching my old videos and new ones is getting to see how Matt and two of my other cousins have grown.  It’s amazing how fast five years goes by, especially in the span of 3-4 minute videos!

So that is the Christmas surprise video, a day early.  There’s still more videos in store so be on the lookout for them!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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A graduate student studying Library and Information Science, an avid reader, and a Ravenclaw. Also the author of the Young Adult novel, Standing By.

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