VIDEO: Flag Football – October 24th

I had thought that the video for September 26th was going to be my favorite video of this season, but I was wrong.  As I was editing this video I realized this one was going to be my favorite.

For one, I love the song.  It’s definitely got the rough edge that comes with football.  Plus the song is good for using slow motion clips, and come on, who doesn’t love football in slow motion?  I also loved the color change I used in this video… instead of having the usual vibrant colors, I toned them down and I think it looks pretty good.

And the last thing I love about this video was actually filming it.  During the games I actually nearly got hit by the players four times.  Four!  I only put two of them in the video because those were the only completed plays, but still.  I never have that many close calls in one day of flag football.  It definitely makes my “job” as camera girl interesting.

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A graduate student studying Library and Information Science, an avid reader, and a Ravenclaw. Also the author of the Young Adult novel, Standing By.

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