Self Portrait Shoots Are Fun

If you’ve been to the Photography page of the website, you have probably noticed that there is a section of self-portrait shoots that I’ve done over the last three years.  I like having semi-professional photos for myself, and since I don’t have access to a fellow photographer (for free) I have taken matters into my own hands and done my own photos.

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IMG_1782 tag

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As with any photo session – whether it’s sports, lifestyle, self portraits, or still-life photography  – there are hundreds of pictures taken.  Sadly, only a few make the final cut.  I found that with this session I didn’t take nearly as many as I have in the past (due to a limited time), but I still ended up cutting at least half of the photos out… if not more.

IMG_1687 tag

IMG_1728 tag

Unfortunately this time, there was a focus problem with a few ones that I particularly liked, but since they were not up to my standards I didn’t bother with them.

IMG_2144 tag

IMG_2171 tag

IMG_2015 tag2

IMG_2193 tag

I know some of these might not be my best work, but I don’t think they’re too bad for an impromptu photo-shoot.  I’ll try to plan a better session soon for some better photos, and maybe even try to recruit a friend to take some photos to save me the trouble of using the self-timer function.

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A graduate student studying Library and Information Science, an avid reader, and a Ravenclaw. Also the author of the Young Adult novel, Standing By.

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