Congrats to Flag Football player James!

Last month one of our own Flag Football players graduated college with his Bachelor’s in American Studies.  Congrats to James!

James is one of the frequent players of flag football in the series that has gone up over the past few years.  He is quick to get the ball and once he gets it, forget about getting it back!  Even the others will agree that 97% of the time that James catches or intercepts the ball he will run it in for a touchdown.  One would guess that he was a football player back in high school, and they’d be right.  He did play for his high school’s football team and as you can tell, he was good at it!

There’s also one more fun fact about James… he’s my cousin.

Again, congrats on graduating James!

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A graduate student studying Library and Information Science, an avid reader, and a Ravenclaw. Also the author of the Young Adult novel, Standing By.

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