Carissa & Adam – Wedding

So last week I just had my first wedding video shoot… yesterday I had my first wedding photo shoot.

About a month ago a friend asked me if I’d take pictures of a very small (and secret) wedding ceremony in her and her fiancé’s backyard.  The only people in attendance, other than them and the Justice of Peace, would be their mothers and their children… oh, and me.  I was very ecstatic to be included on this secret, but now that they’re married and the cat’s out of the bag on Facebook, here are a few of my favorite shots from the wedding of Mr. & Mrs. LaForge!

  IMG_0019 copy

IMG_0036 copy

IMG_0049 copy

IMG_0058 copyIMG_0140bw copyIMG_0096 copy

I really love these two together and their family!


A graduate student studying Library and Information Science, an avid reader, and a Ravenclaw. Also the author of the Young Adult novel, Standing By.

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2 comments on “Carissa & Adam – Wedding
  1. […] just six days later I was the photographer of my other friend’s wedding, which was a small backyard ceremony, but still a nice experience and they loved their […]


  2. […] about each experience on my Natural Chance Productions website, so you can check out the video and photos there if you so wish […]


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